Freedom I Wish…

A Tribute to suppressed Female folk of my Bleeding Land…

From the day when horizon peeked at me

I saw her singing me a lullaby

Fearless and calm the sleep that was

Until the stormy winds came…

Seedling of fear began to creep and crawl o’er me slowly,

Then came this stiff figure; carved out of love

Defending the winds filled with fear,

I breathed a lot and felt secure,

Danced and roamed in the vales vast

Whenever I found my father near

Now that he was stabbed by enemy unmasked

The smell of fear, I smell in the air.

Those vicious eyes zooming like circling hawk,

I feel the fear drawing near.

Then came the lad, my brother young

Robust chested with voice strong,

Short lived and pushed to unnamed grave.

Now here I lay –an open book

My pages torn, my sighs unheard

My world full of gloom and fear

My face never without a tear.

I wish the wishes -you don’t wish…

I wish I am granted my brother back

I wish to taste the falling rain

I wish to cut the chains unseen,

The thorny grip on my blood drenched throat.

I wish to scream on yester nightmare.

But alas! I am not let to wake up from horrifying dream…

I wish my land to be chain-less and free

I long for freedom which Lalded had

Freedom of soul and liberty…


Aasif Amin, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia


Shell Pearl: Mother Baby Girl

A little soul was murdered

Her Crime Was Being A Girl

No one cried, no one sobbed

It was another mother who was lost.

Did no one name that soul?

Asked the mother who was robbed

She was the bearer of the soul

No one asked her before stabbing her doll.

The tune she used to hymn

 For her baby angel to come

Turned into a broken chord

Now whose rhythm forever lost.

The dresses she made for her baby

Was burnt with her soul

Pain and anger made her strong

To stand for the cause.

             Then She did not hear a word of this world

She went and picked up another baby

Whose mother was no more

Shell Met The Pearl, they needed each other.

It was a slap on the dirty souls of theirs

Who killed an unborn soul without fears

Her breast wanted her child to feed

As her heart was full of grief.

She was relieved, her doll is saved somewhere
The pearl she has now is more precious

She left the murderers into the custody of God

He didn’t have mercy for them at all.

All were trapped into the fire of hell

For stabbing her innocent doll to death

She lived content thereafter

With her precious pearl forever.


Asna Azhar, BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia

The Upshots of Daily Soaps


I continue to wonder how long these daily soaps will deplete the Indian brains. They seize a person’s imagination. Limit his expectations up to the extent which is of course not real.
The virtual world created by these soaps lures the viewer with such intensity that the viewer believes his world is captured in the idiot box. It kills their creativity and thinking ability. They are a far cry from reality, a dead man comes alive and the same time condolences going on for an alive person!
It is unfortunate to see that these TV serials are adopting all possible tactics to lure viewers thereby, increasing TRP.
In a culture where women should be empowered and respected, where egalitarian environment should be promoted, we are here now exposed to a virtual world where the woman is portrayed as ruinous and lethal. If we see a woman from the eyes of these TV serials, she is the most cunning and sneaky creature of God, who is responsible for all the mishaps of the clan. She is the family breaker, and a maneuverer who can go to any extent to fulfil her ambitions.
They are to be held responsible for degrading the image of females and contaminating the mindsets. Hence, it is fuelling the minds with the devil of contempt towards females.
They are hell bent on dividing the societies and families, and give newfangled and firsthand ideas of conspiracies which leave a negative impact on children. These deeds/misdeeds are of course carried out by females, again the negative character.
It is obvious that child (male) who has grown up watching these serials will never look at a female with high esteem. And because by now his mind is jam-packed with disparaging opinion on women, he will not venerate women.
So, it is necessary that they should be checked on the grounds of morality by the censor board. There should be a proper check on what is going to be on air is healthy for the mindsets or not. And at the same time it should be ensured that it doesn’t contain any pejorative content which adds blot to the character of female.


 Farheen Sultana- BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia





O! Satan…

Don’t try to drag the attention of mine

You can shake the whole world with your evils

But can’t play games with me

Don’t you know My Allah always protects me

From the evils like thee

All the beauty of this world is really fake I know

And you will always lose in front of the people like me.

O! Satan,don’t try to drag the attention of mine

You can shake the whole world with your evils

But can’t play games with me

‘Coz towards Allah I’ll always go

No matter what you try to bring into my mind

In front of Allah, I will always bow

With people like me you will always find yourself low

Oh Satan! Don’t try to drag the attention of mine

You can shake the whole world with your evils

But can’t play games with me

And I can bet you will always lose in the end

I swear, Allah will definitely make you bend

You don’t know how stupid you are

Well, you are not taking me but thee towards the fire of hell

O! Satan,don’t try to drag the attention of mine

You can shake the whole world with your evils

But can’t play games with me.

-Saba Mahmood, BA (H) English, Sem-V, Jamia Millia Islamia

Loosing You…

Sometimes it’s very hard to stop

In the burning pain of being lost

All night she waited

Tossing and turning in her sheets

Was in love, still hated

It was her only defeat

Because loosing someone doesn’t happen once

It happens over and over again

Every time I pick up your favourite mug

Or our walks in the rain

“I am standing by the door

Its showering outside

Just looking through the rain

And now, I am beginning to lose you

All over again…”

Shireen Siddiqui, BA (H) English, Sem-V, Jamia Millia Islamia

The Infinite World

When the world cuddles in the lap of sleep,
From my window, I see another world far awaken,
The chirping of the birds tears the silence of the night,
The breeze slowly whispers its experience of embracing the harsh and the soft.
Our world still sleeps.
When we suffer the nightmares,
The flowers unfurl their petals
And with a smile welcome the shiny ray of light.
Their joyous yet brisk movement fills the earth with delight.
Amidst these a wave of emotions in me rise high,
I see the darkness descends from the sky.
The dew drops like pearls on the grass shine,
the mismatching things suddenly starts to rhyme.
When the world still snores, when the hustle bustle is put at a stop,
The tranquility of the outside world synchronizes with my soul,
Pacifying the deeper,the bigger world within me.
It is when all the sounds of outside are shut that
I hear the voice of real me and off the other world I flee.

-Humera Jamal, BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia

Calculated Love

I doubt…

She’s opportunist

She is biased

She is selfish

She would deceive

She would leave me nowhere

She is characterless

People say and I grieve, doubt

Yet can’t move on and discard her.

I fight

With myself

With the world

With her

With her memories

With mutual warm and affection

With her solace and compassion

With her care, share and snare

Yet I remain at peace at large.

I feel helpless

When I have to text you

When I have to tell you the truth

When I have to help you

When I can’t dispel the hangover

Of  your memories

When I feel tearing inside

When I feel tickling and excitement

When you come face to face…

  Ghulam Sarwar, BA (H) English, Sem-V, Jamia Millia Islamia


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