Shell Pearl: Mother Baby Girl

A little soul was murdered

Her Crime Was Being A Girl

No one cried, no one sobbed

It was another mother who was lost.

Did no one name that soul?

Asked the mother who was robbed

She was the bearer of the soul

No one asked her before stabbing her doll.

The tune she used to hymn

 For her baby angel to come

Turned into a broken chord

Now whose rhythm forever lost.

The dresses she made for her baby

Was burnt with her soul

Pain and anger made her strong

To stand for the cause.

             Then She did not hear a word of this world

She went and picked up another baby

Whose mother was no more

Shell Met The Pearl, they needed each other.

It was a slap on the dirty souls of theirs

Who killed an unborn soul without fears

Her breast wanted her child to feed

As her heart was full of grief.

She was relieved, her doll is saved somewhere
The pearl she has now is more precious

She left the murderers into the custody of God

He didn’t have mercy for them at all.

All were trapped into the fire of hell

For stabbing her innocent doll to death

She lived content thereafter

With her precious pearl forever.


Asna Azhar, BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia


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