The Upshots of Daily Soaps


I continue to wonder how long these daily soaps will deplete the Indian brains. They seize a person’s imagination. Limit his expectations up to the extent which is of course not real.
The virtual world created by these soaps lures the viewer with such intensity that the viewer believes his world is captured in the idiot box. It kills their creativity and thinking ability. They are a far cry from reality, a dead man comes alive and the same time condolences going on for an alive person!
It is unfortunate to see that these TV serials are adopting all possible tactics to lure viewers thereby, increasing TRP.
In a culture where women should be empowered and respected, where egalitarian environment should be promoted, we are here now exposed to a virtual world where the woman is portrayed as ruinous and lethal. If we see a woman from the eyes of these TV serials, she is the most cunning and sneaky creature of God, who is responsible for all the mishaps of the clan. She is the family breaker, and a maneuverer who can go to any extent to fulfil her ambitions.
They are to be held responsible for degrading the image of females and contaminating the mindsets. Hence, it is fuelling the minds with the devil of contempt towards females.
They are hell bent on dividing the societies and families, and give newfangled and firsthand ideas of conspiracies which leave a negative impact on children. These deeds/misdeeds are of course carried out by females, again the negative character.
It is obvious that child (male) who has grown up watching these serials will never look at a female with high esteem. And because by now his mind is jam-packed with disparaging opinion on women, he will not venerate women.
So, it is necessary that they should be checked on the grounds of morality by the censor board. There should be a proper check on what is going to be on air is healthy for the mindsets or not. And at the same time it should be ensured that it doesn’t contain any pejorative content which adds blot to the character of female.


 Farheen Sultana- BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia






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