Freedom I Wish…

A Tribute to suppressed Female folk of my Bleeding Land…

From the day when horizon peeked at me

I saw her singing me a lullaby

Fearless and calm the sleep that was

Until the stormy winds came…

Seedling of fear began to creep and crawl o’er me slowly,

Then came this stiff figure; carved out of love

Defending the winds filled with fear,

I breathed a lot and felt secure,

Danced and roamed in the vales vast

Whenever I found my father near

Now that he was stabbed by enemy unmasked

The smell of fear, I smell in the air.

Those vicious eyes zooming like circling hawk,

I feel the fear drawing near.

Then came the lad, my brother young

Robust chested with voice strong,

Short lived and pushed to unnamed grave.

Now here I lay –an open book

My pages torn, my sighs unheard

My world full of gloom and fear

My face never without a tear.

I wish the wishes -you don’t wish…

I wish I am granted my brother back

I wish to taste the falling rain

I wish to cut the chains unseen,

The thorny grip on my blood drenched throat.

I wish to scream on yester nightmare.

But alas! I am not let to wake up from horrifying dream…

I wish my land to be chain-less and free

I long for freedom which Lalded had

Freedom of soul and liberty…


Aasif Amin, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia


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