A Heroic Law


Again a rape in the street

A girl is robbed of her innocence

Is there no one to look at this misery?

No one to hear that girl’s scream.

The curse has fallen upon her

And the bastard has fled

No concern for the poor girl

This much our society is cleaned.

That demon is roaming in the streets

To make another girl scream

Girls are always unsafe

Either they wear skirts or put on a veil.

The fears and tears in their eyes

Are the reasons of suicides

Every minute a new girl is a victim

How long this would scare our lives???

Killing of a girl child

Up to some extent was right

When this society can’t protect us

They don’t deserve to have us.

When female feticide is a severe crime

Then why are those rapists alive

We need a heroic law

Else the girls will lose their pride.

One strict action can save many lives

Law and Government open your eyes


Will finish this crime

Asna Azhar, BA (H) English

Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia


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