Rape: The Monster of Male Ego

Since the time of the Vedas females have been suppressed and crushed under the ego of males. Ravana kidnapped Sita because he wanted to show his superiority over Rama. Draupadi was harassed and insulted because of the shallow and false ego of the Kauravs. Even her husbands are to blame. They considered her as a commodity. Yudhisthir lost her in the game of dice. During the time of partition many innocent women across the borders were molested and raped just to prove superiority of their nation over other. History is full of such examples where monster like males have raped and tortured females barbarically.

Rape doesn’t simply mean forcefully having sexual intercourse with a girl but it rather means killing a girl’s self confidence and torturing her to such an extent that she begs for death. Some people think that illiteracy is the main reason behind such cases. Though it’s true, literacy rate is increasing. But it’s embarrassing to know that despite this fact cases of rapes are increasing day by day. There is also a wrong perception that rape happens mostly in rural areas but recent incidents of rapes in so called “safe metropolitan cities” have shocked the nation. The main problem is the narrow minded and egoist mentality of Indian men. For them females are a weaker sex and are soft targets. They think it’s their birth right to rule over all the females who are associated with them; they cannot bear to hear ‘NO’ from them.

Being a girl, I feel disheartened when somebody judges a girl by her clothes, the so called great religious gurus of our nation accuse modern dressing style and increased literacy for increase in rape cases. It’s really shocking that people think that the girls who wear Western clothes invite men to rape them.  These dumb heads should know clothes don’t matter. What matters is the stinking mentality of men.

Literature and movies play important roles in shaping the mindsets of people. Most of our literature and movies showcase women in a wrong manner. The worst offenders are the daily shows. They portray women in their most idealistic situations far from the reality. And in the world of these melodramatic serials, the main aim of a girl is just to find a suitable suitor and nothing else. Education and career are all secondary things. What are we teaching our young generation? We are making them biased. The advertisement world and media are also to blame. They show us the world which is no real. The people could buy these costly products and could become heroes in front of their friends are privileged but the ones who cannot afford them become losers and thus they become frustrated. This frustration results in crimes like rapes.

We all should take a step forward and make ourselves bold enough to fight against these monsters. Parents should teach their girls to be confident and bold and simultaneously they should teach their male children that girls and boys are equal and they should respect all women. There is a dire need for a social revolution to change the mindsets of people and make them enlightened.

Madiha Musarrat, BA (H) English

Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia


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