The Infinite World

When the world cuddles in the lap of sleep,
From my window, I see another world far awaken,
The chirping of the birds tears the silence of the night,
The breeze slowly whispers its experience of embracing the harsh and the soft.
Our world still sleeps.
When we suffer the nightmares,
The flowers unfurl their petals
And with a smile welcome the shiny ray of light.
Their joyous yet brisk movement fills the earth with delight.
Amidst these a wave of emotions in me rise high,
I see the darkness descends from the sky.
The dew drops like pearls on the grass shine,
the mismatching things suddenly starts to rhyme.
When the world still snores, when the hustle bustle is put at a stop,
The tranquility of the outside world synchronizes with my soul,
Pacifying the deeper,the bigger world within me.
It is when all the sounds of outside are shut that
I hear the voice of real me and off the other world I flee.

-Humera Jamal, BA (H) English, Sem-III, Jamia Millia Islamia


Calculated Love

I doubt…

She’s opportunist

She is biased

She is selfish

She would deceive

She would leave me nowhere

She is characterless

People say and I grieve, doubt

Yet can’t move on and discard her.

I fight

With myself

With the world

With her

With her memories

With mutual warm and affection

With her solace and compassion

With her care, share and snare

Yet I remain at peace at large.

I feel helpless

When I have to text you

When I have to tell you the truth

When I have to help you

When I can’t dispel the hangover

Of  your memories

When I feel tearing inside

When I feel tickling and excitement

When you come face to face…

  Ghulam Sarwar, BA (H) English, Sem-V, Jamia Millia Islamia


The Rape Culture

The epidemic of sexual abuse has been plaguing the society since the existence of humankind, of course, through different masks. Rape culture is defined as condoning, accepting and normalizing the regular occurrence of physical, emotional and sexual terrorism against the most marginalized section of the society—the female.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a high-class, conscious of its status-quo society or a remote village far from the world of Shopping Malls and luxuries; it is the outlook which matters. The agony of an internally traumatized woman doesn’t stir the society. Instead, the environment seems to throw a picture as if the assault is normative and people start believing that rape is inevitable. We’ve accepted rape as part of our society and allocated gender roles only aid in exasperating this.This unfortunate trend of “rape culture” is encouraged by several reasons.

On the first place, the victim is considered to have lured the culprit into her web. This is complete ignorance of the fact that no female wants her body and to be torn apart. Nor does she want the society to prick her with derogatory comments and useless opinions. This also refrains the victim from taking any legal action against the rapist/s.

The “normalisation” of rape is the consequence. People no more deal with it in a serious manner. The insensitivity towards such heinous crimes is directly proportional to the rate of its occurrence.  The more number of rapes occur and culprits go either undercharged or they wander freely like an emancipated bull.

There are several factors which contribute towards the desensitization of rape, and thus making it completely inevitable part of our lives. These are woven into our lives so profusely that it becomes difficult for us to distinguish.

The source of destruction and desensitisation as I think is the Television and Movies. The content which shown, the language being used the rape jokes, are all a threat to poison one’s mind.  When we see the scenes depicting rape or sexual violence we are giving our consent to rape, “an integral part of our culture”. With all the obscenity and nudity expressed widely over the world, an unhealthy and crime invoking environment has been made.

It encourages the perpetrators of sexual violence that we don’t consider the gravity of situation and in some cases condone it.The explicit advertisements make everything open and boast the confidence of malefactor for committing another felony.The low standard of language and common use of taboo words depletes the social environment. We have plenty of people who call losing a sports game “getting totally raped.”

The internet, when it comes to this topic proves to be a bane to society. Thousands of sites are running which gives access to pornography free of cost. It is a platform where one can easily couple hell within his mind. There are beauty websites which label toddlers as “effing hot”. Even the kindergartens are objectified then what to say of women!

The interesting thing to note here is that all the above mentioned things have no censorship. They continue to ruin the society in the name of “Freedom of Expression” and “Modernisation”.

The definition and difference between Morality and Modernisation has also been brought under question. Just question, no answer. The world continues to degrade. The sun and the moon continue to be the witness of soul shaking horrific transgressions.

Farheen Sultana, BA (H) English, Sem- III, Jamia Millia Islamia

Campus Companion releases the 5th Issue of the Magazine

After a long summer vacation and Eid celebrations, Campus Companion released  the 5th issue (September) of the magazine  here at Gulistan-e-Ghalib, Jamia Millia Islamia after its last release in April 2014.

“Moving ahead in its progress, Campus Companion has launched four different clubs for
all round development of students and to bring out their hidden creativity. These clubs are meant to prepare students for different competitive exams along with their academic studies”, said Wasim Raza, Content Writer at Campus Companion.

The Clubs are :

1. UPSC Learn Together Club
2. Learn Competitive English Club
3. Campus Companion Book Club
4. Maths and Reasoning Club

Classes are held three days a week. (Absolutely Free)
Thursday & Friday 04.00 pm and Saturday 11.00 am
Venue: Humanities Buildings, under the aegis of Campus Companion.

All interested students of JMI are welcome…

To Join the Clubs, Contact:
Wasim +919891549416, Ghulam Sarwar +918802023093
Email us:
Visit our Facebook Page:


Jamia Millia Islamia

Rohma J. Rashid (2nd from Left) releasing the magazine with the       Editorial Team


      Members of Campus Companion giving a group pose…


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